Small Business Web Design Is...

At the center of all your digital marketing.

Traffic from search, social media posts, business listings, ads, word of mouth, and people hanging onto your business card all land on your website. It’s often the first thing about your business that new customers see.

65% of consumers buy by that 1st impression

57% won’t recommend a company with a poorly designed website

Websites Aren’t Fancy Brochures

The internet isn’t the Yellow Pages on steroids.

Treating your company’s site like a full-color handout might get you a bookmark, but that’s not likely to make the phone ring. The traditional print brochure and old phone book ad is so out of step with today’s consumer. They avoid the old sell-sell-sell routine, gravitating to consumer-centric experiences.

Stop selling. It’s not about you.

It’s all about them.

Focus on visitor experience, not yours. If they want to know about you, they’ll visit the About page.

Today’s consumer wants to do business with a company that has a website (63%). They want your website to exist in a secure space. It has to load fast – in less than 3 seconds – on any device. If it loads too slow, you’re losing 40% of your visitors. The loss is far greater if it’s not mobile-friendly with 57% of all online activity coming from smartphones and tablets.

A small business website is more important than ever, even if all your customers are local, with 82% of smartphone users hitting the internet to locate what they seek nearby. Over 90% of consumers find their next purchase online.

Website Design & Development

There a lot more to building full online presence than just the pretty parts and functionality of small business web design. You can count on Webscaper to take care of a large part of your digital marketing, leaving you free to run your business and do what you do best.

Responsive Web Sites

You only need one site that fits all devices. Perfect for small business web design.

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Site Management

From basic maintenance to adding fresh content on a custom schedule.

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SEO Optimized

This is how people find you; applying the right keywords throughout your site.

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Social Media

Get with the program, regularly. Fresh posts everywhere that matters weekly.

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Copywriting & Editing

Custom crafted text for all your pages. We can also edit copy you’ve written.

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Business Listings

In the right places, these build credibility with Google and increase exposure.

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Create Connection

People connect best with the person, or company, who best addresses their needs or desires. The self-centered website approach is all wrong. Crafting website content that is more about them and less about you isn’t easy. It take practice and a way with words.

Teach ‘Em Well

One thing that makes digital marketing so much more powerful than print media is that it allows you to connect in better ways than mass messaging. You can influence possible customers by educating them all about what they need. Turn a blog into classroom.

Consistent Vibes

Building brand recognition calls for more than just plastering your company name everywhere possible. You want a logo that reflects what your business is about in simple graphics and lettering and echoes a voice that your perfect customer connects with.