SEO & Website Design Services

Whether you’ve been in business for decades, or are just starting a business, what your website says about your company is important. It isn’t wise to treat it as an afterthought, or just slap up something cheap or free… even temporarily. That won’t do your brand any favors or attract the best clients.

curb ap·peal

  • visual attractiveness to a viewer from the street

No matter what your company does, your website need to portray a business befitting the neighborhood your best customer prefers. Which means…

Your site’s “landscaping” and message needs to look and sound polished, professional, knowledgeable, and classy. It must have the right layout and interface to fit any device with an internet connection. That’s not two different website builds anymore. A modern site is one that’s responsive to any screen with access.



From simply cleaning up existing copy to a fresh build starting from scratch, Webscaper has your needs covered. Content, SEO, image formatting, monthly maintenance, posting service, and more.

Small Business Websites…

are a tool, not a destination.


We love WordPress for it’s user-friendly nature and versatility. So many people like it that close to half of all live websites today run on this platform. The world has made it adaptable to just about anything from a personal blog to complex websites and shopping carts. Check out the Webscaper portfolio.

A well-designed WordPress website is beautiful, mobile-friendly, and can have a multitude of functionalities. We’ll make sure it reflects your professionalism, work quality, and products in an environment your best customers find attractive.

Working with Webscaper, you’ll have a website made in the USA, so the color and graphics will always be culturally correct to your market. No graphics will ever upstage your work, or diminish your brand’s quality.

Professionally written copy is a must for any website, especially with affluent consumers. Good writing is an art, both in print and digital copy. Online, however, you have to add SEO, often making it a challenge to even the experienced writer.

Content by Webscaper is well-written in US English, error-free, properly keyword optimized, and never contains fluff and padding. After more than 10 years of writing for a wide range of interests and industries online, we’ve conquered the art of SEO content.

Editing copy you already have is also no issue.

If you want people to find your site, optimizing the text, images, and actual website pages is important. This is commonly known as SEO (search engine optimization), and is automatically part of all website design services we provide.

Shopping for anything is a visual process. While items like tires and TVs are easily purchased from text listings, most products and many services are easier located in image search.

We find that a huge part of a home improvement contractor’s site traffic comes directly from job photos… if they are properly optimized. The same goes for all consumer products and services. It increases exposure and traffic flow.

Keeping your site fresh isn’t hard on many small business websites, if you make good use of the portfolio and blog. We offer an added-value service, posting recent job photos, news, and informative blog articles every month.

Not only does adding fresh content consistently on a schedule earn brownie points with Google and other search engines, it keeps your website safe. Stagnant websites attract malware hosts and hackers seeking backend access. Just one more reason the static website isn’t what you want today.

A modern website is never done. Having Webscaper manage updates and additions means piling less on your already full schedule. Changing page and creating new ones is so easy, all you have to do is make a quick phone call and email some photos.

Keeping the things that make your website run current is far more important than many business owners realize. Unlike changing your oil, you really don’t have much of a grace period. Your content and internet property security are at risk when you allow things to slide out of date. It makes your website a sitting duck for hackers.

Adding new content weekly or monthly also makes you more interesting to search engines. They ever reward dead or stagnant websites, because they deliver the freshest and best matched content to their users at all times. It also builds your website, offering more information for prospective customers to learn more about what they seek.

Someone has to handle the maintenance tasks, like backups, application updates, and fixing things they may affect. You don’t want to fall behind here, and the need addressing several times a month, and sometimes twice in a week.

Keeping the things that make your website run current is far more important than many business owners realize. Unlike changing your oil, you really don’t have much of a grace period. Your content and internet property security are at risk when you allow things to slide out of date. It makes your website a sitting duck for hackers.

Webscaper offers basic maintenance service that checks for and performs updates every week. One less thing for you to find time to do, and your site and content remains as secure as possible.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are all social media platforms small business should take advantage of regularly. While you take care of your customers, we’ll post your job photos and details to all of your accounts on a schedule.

In addition to those universal social media sites, there are specialized communities that some types of small businesses should join and be active on. They are all important players in your branding and marketing plan. We can help you with new content and posting on those communities too.

Everywhere there’s something about your business is an opportunity to promote your brand, that includes business directory listings and social media profiles. You know, sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Angie’s List, Houzz, Instagram, Facebook…

There are over 50 generic sites that your business should appear in, and some specialized ones for certain buying groups. Quality directories, not those awful, outdated link building sites.

All these profile descriptions need SEO optimization and that all-about-them message too. The best impression is always made by not coming off as careless or egotistical. Good copy is a must online, as is keeping the info in your business listings current at all times.

If you already have a professionally designed logo, great! But if you don’t, you need one. A little graphics and a great letter style is exactly the ticket to give your business identity some polish.

Hiring an inexpensive logo designer is what a lot of small businesses on a tight budget do. Unfortunately, the results can often be less than stellar. But you definitely need one for your website design – because the logo colors guide those used on your web pages.

We can help you with getting a clean, modern logo right here at Webscaper.


Unlike many website design service providers, Webscaper has the blend of knowledge and skills perfectly suited for many businesses.

  • Decades in home improvement contracting.
  • Experience in retail sales, business management, customer service, interior design, contracting, and surface design.
  • 10 years copywriting, SEO content writing, and editing.
  • 8 years managing WordPress websites.
  • 6 years WordPress website design.

We also don’t farm out site design or content writing to cheap 3rd world freelancers. Coming from totally different cultures, they know very little about US lifestyles and curb appeal beyond what they see in movies. Their world view simply isn’t a good fit for most American businesses.