Maintenance: Websites for Landscaping Companies

For some reason, many contractors have the idea that websites don’t need maintaining. It happens on websites for landscaping companies and lots of other kinds of home services sites too. But a website is not a build-it-and-they-will-come kind of thing. Just because you can type in your website address and it all appears just like the day it went live means nothing at all.

Although it has no wheels, your site it definitely a mechanical thing, if only in a digital way. And just like your truck, it needs regular oil changes and tune-ups, and someone has to keep on top of checking the air in the tires. Yes, websites for landscaping companies look an awful lot like glossy magazine pages, but that’s only the surface. The foundation underneath needs regular checkups and updates, and the surface needs freshening up and additions. For the sake of your business’ best interests, these maintenance tasks should happen on a schedule.

Healthy Websites Get Regular MaintenanceSometimes there’s an extra task or two tossed in without much notice. You really can’t put off things like core updates until the next rain day. Especially if you’ve let previous updates slide because you’re just so crazy busy with work, the family, and other demands on your time. It’s a bit like that tree you planted last week that will sustain serious damage or die if it doesn’t get enough water every day. Websites can get messed up, crash, and even get stolen if no one is monitoring and managing its bits and pieces.

Then there’s Google, and though their protocol can drive a person crazy, they send most of the traffic to any website. So, you have to keep them happy, which means continually freshening up your page content and adding new information. If you don’t comply to the most recent set of guidelines, even websites for landscaping companies awarded page one search results can disappear overnight. Then you have prospective clients, people used to having new content at their fingertips, whose interest is quickly lost when bored by a stagnant site.

No news is not always good news. Just like far fewer people watch TV reruns than the same episodes in-season. There’s no adventure, entertainment, or discovery in watching a show when you already know the story and punch lines. Google is well aware of that. There is no love for websites that show no signs of life. Search engines promote sites that are alive and kicking, publishing new images and content. Fresh is what keeps them in business.

All Websites for Landscaping Companies Need Regular MaintenanceActually, fresh is what keeps almost anyone in business. Try selling someone a garage door that’s 20 years old, or battered, root bound shrubs that sat too long at the wholesale nursery. No one wants stale bread, and a stagnant website fairs no better. Notice I said “almost anyone” and there’s a reason for that. Stale websites are a hacker magnet. They launch bots to scrub the internet seeking easy pickings. And in a super-competitive market, hungry rivals might even hire them to wipe you out or upload malicious code. Your site might still work, but Google will erase you to protect their users.

So, you see, there are numerous reasons that it’s in your business’ best interests to keep on top of maintaining and adding to your website. A crashed website is one thing, at least you still have access to the property. Stolen domains are another thing altogether. Websites for landscaping companies and other home services contractors are part of their brand. An important part. No one is going to connect your business name with whatever you resort to after your business name domain is gone.

But if you have a good administrator, a site manager who can keep on top of all the updates and turning your job photos into fresh information, it will make things a lot easier. It’s not a job you can turn over to just anyone, especially content creation. This is one reason Webscaper exists, because websites for landscaping companies need someone who already knows a lot about what you do, your materials, and your processes. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of fluff to fill in for the lack of knowledge. You need good information to keep Google and prospective customers happy.

Ask us about site management service. We can create a package that fits your needs and budget.