Your Website & Landscaping Marketing Plan

Any contractor today who doesn’t see a company website as a major part of their landscaping marketing plan is going about things all wrong. No, they weren’t an absolute necessity in the past, but they are now. Especially, with the millennial generation becoming homeowners, which makes them your new customers. Millennials buy everything online.

Your Next Landscaping Customer will Find You OnlineThat’s not an exaggeration, they’ve been connected since before they could speak full sentences. While the baby boomer generation still runs all over town shopping, the newest entries to adulthood locate what they want on their phone and tablet, and order it for home delivery. One landscaping company in Chicago has literally grown their business to impressive proportions by selling landscape materials and plants online. Their customers take delivery in over a dozen metro area suburbs. This level of success is all due to their website and a landscaping marketing plan tuned into customer desires.

Maybe that doesn’t fit your particular business model. Not all landscape companies sell plants and materials to retail shoppers. That doesn’t matter. So, you don’t need a shopping cart, but you still need a website, one that you use wisely to showcase your work and let prospective clients investigate how your company can help them. Even word of mouth referrals come more and more from the internet. The grapevine went digital. Purchasing decisions get assistance from influencers who share what they find on websites and around town with their peeps on on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Sharing is Landscaping Marketing Plan Material

It doesn’t just sell consumer goods, like diapers, hammers, and candles. In fact, it may even be more important to custom work than mass-produced products. Sharing gets your name out there, spread hither and yon. Yes, you only service the local area, but the people who live in that area travel beyond its boundaries. Their friends and family are often scattered all over the country. You never know who will see one of your job photos and turn into a customer, or refer someone to you… without even knowing they did. So, in the grand scheme of things, concentrating your marketing in a small area isn’t wise. It reduces your odds of brand awareness, and ultimately, sales.

Website: Most Important Piece of Your Landscaping Marketing PlanA modern landscaping marketing plan uses a full-featured website as its foundation. Unless they’ve seen you working in the neighborhood, your website is usually the first place a potential new customer looks for information about your business. They may find you through a link on search results, an online directory listing, a social platform, or any other information source online. They could also have seen your web address on some local advertising – like the back of your truck in traffic. How they arrived on your site matters little compared to their experience when they land.

Give them what they want, and if they like your job photos, chances are you’ll get some good landscaping leads. Your website marketing message can influence loss and gain.