Cheap Hosting Costing You Page Rank?

I used to love the cheap hosting at GoDaddy, until I was forced to find another host. Their servers were dropping my wireless connection packets, making it impossible to get any work done on a website. Their refusal to work with Verizon to fix the glitch cost them 4 accounts in one day, but they didn’t bat an eye. And they won’t be losing any sleep over all their cheap hosting clients getting less than stellar search ranking, or worse, penalized in mobile search results. Cheap hosting is big business for host companies, but it’s costing small business websites quite a bit. Avoiding it approaches crucial with Google’s Page Speed update in effect since July 2018.

What Is Page Speed?

It’s the length of time it takes any page on your website to fully load and has had some affect on SEO ranking since at least 2010. Google’s new algorithm update, however, will seriously affect some websites’ visibility in mobile search. Super slow sites won’t show up in search results anymore. This isn’t good for small businesses, particularly those that rely on local search traffic, but many see the lowest priced hosting they can find as budget-minded. We love getting anything super cheap, free is even better. But you’;; never get anything of great value for rock bottom pricing. It will be inferior in one way or another, because that’s just how it goes.

So, why do some hosting companies charge so much more than others? It’s partially due to server quality, and partially how many websites share the server. Both can easily slow your page speed during the best of times. What about adding traffic spikes to one or more of those oodles of websites you share space with? It can seriously reduce that slow loading page to maybe not loading at all. So, there you are crazy busy with whatever you do, and don’t even realize that in the past hour no one seeing you in Google’s local business section has been able to visit your website. You’ve just lost possible new customers.

It could continue for hours, perhaps an entire day. Sometimes, it’s because one of your server-mates is enjoying a windfall of traffic. Other times a website might be in the midst of a hostile bot attack. It might even be your website, and after the server hogging goes on long enough, the host will take the guilty site totally offline. But in the meantime, how is this good for your business? It’s certainly not budget-friendly or good for your company’s sales volume or reputation, and you can add loss of Google love to your cheap hosting perks.

More Reasons to Avoid Cheap Hosting

Page Speed: Website Design & Hosting Dragging You Down?

To make things even worse, if Page Speed now penalizes mobile search results, how long before it has the same effect on desktop and laptop results? It’s already inflating bounce rate on many a site with cheap hosting, and your AdWords campaign might suffer too. Google won’t let your ads run if the landing page loads too slowly.

Add all the woes together that cheap hosting opens the doors to, and you have to ask yourself how fast can I move my website and where do I move it too. When faced with my own dilemma several years ago, I researched it thoroughly, and found that SiteGround was the best solution both for price and reputation. A wise decision too. Even on a shared server, this site’s page speed is 2 seconds or less, with the exception of the portfolio where I refuse to reduce image quality. But it does load in less than 3 seconds, so it’s still within the fast page zone.

Yes, even with full screen images on every page, a Webscaper WordPress website design can make your page speed golden when hosted in an affordable SiteGround Grow Big hosting package. It does cost more than pennies a day, more like 66 cents, but the benefits far outweigh cheap hosting alternatives. Security is really high on their servers, they perform faster, and the number of sites on each one is a lot lower.  Already awesome, right? But tech support and customer service is also a lot better. In fact, I can’t say enough good things about customer service at SiteGround. They’ve been great, and have a far better customer care attitude than GD since day one.

And guess what? Basic SSL certificates that are a must for search ranking and peace of mind for visitors are free at SiteGround. They cost about $70 a year at GoDaddy, and then a GD hosting plan comparable to the SG’s Grow Big now runs over $25 a month ($5 higher than SG). All of that before you even get to their load speed boosting tools, free CDN, and strategically placed servers around the world.

If you want people to find your company in search, you want better hosting. If you want more sales and less traffic that’s gone in 2 seconds, you want far faster page speed. So, head on over to SiteGround and get yourself a Grow Big hosting account.

Don’t say you can’t afford fast hosting, unless you’re prepared to sit this out. Turtle-paced websites are officially outdated. Searchers leave them in their dust, and search engines are starting to ignore them.

Be hare, or be square…